is a site consisting of a directory, news search, image search, web search, local search, quotes, dictionary and encyclopedia

The directory was originally based on DMOZ but has since morphed, supplemented by our crawler and consisting of data aggregated from target sites as well as countless other sources.

Our news search is a meta news search service that provides you with news articles you have searched for, especially local to your location (if available), and provided to you ordered by the most timely.

Our Image Search contains tools to edit your image including cropping, converting between image types, scaling, rotating, embossing, and more. You can use the meta search tool functionality to find an image for you to manipulate. You can also enter a url to an image file directly. Optionally, you can enter a web page url and you will be presented with all the images on the page for you to edit. You can then save the image and come back to get the exact image. Alternatively, you can opt to just link to the url of your editted image directly from your page!

Web Search
Our web search is a meta search engine. It provides you with the most relevant results from all the most important search engines. Lookup all the most relevant results for your term from one location!

Local Search
Our local search is a local meta search engine. It provides you with the most relevant local results for your term. Find all your most relevant local results from one location!

Find that quote you want to reference or find a famous person's quote.

Lookup various bits of information edited by users like you

Lookup that word you don't know the meaning of.