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The Computers/Software category is described more thoroughly in the category FAQ.In order to handle the large number of sites that are added to the Software category every day, the editors of this category ask that you please choose an appropriate subcategory for your link. If you do not feel that any of the existing categories are appropriate, please feel free to contact an editor.Please do not submit a link more than once. If your link does not appear in a few days, please be patient. A link does not usually belong in more than one category, or a few at most. Submissions to numerous inappropriate categories will be considered spam, and will cause the link to be deleted from the directory.Please note that the Software category receives many submissions that are more appropriate to other categories. If you or your organization develop Web sites as your primary service, you should submit your link to a subcategory of Computers/Internet/Commercial_Services Thank you,
The ODP Computers/Software Team



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